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We travel to France, Morocco and beyond to bring you antique and vintage furniture, accessories, tabletop, rugs and linens. We host our annual French flea market, events, workshops and we bring you with us on our trips to France.

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Chateau Sonoma About Us

Our Story

We are a small woman operated business sharing with you our Sonoma lifestyle and the “joie de vivre” we discover every day.

Gatherings and Events at Chateau Sonoma

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Workshops and Events Gathering together in a creative and inspiring environment brings happiness and joy

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The Journal

Life is but a series of moments and we love sharing them with you. Read our journal that includes interview and collection stories.


Our Moroccan Tomato Jam

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Read about our tomato jam, the process, story and heart behind our exclusive hand-crafted product came t be on the farm.


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