Our Group Trip to the French Countryside


Each year, we host a group trip to France where friends from near and far can travel with us to experience the country as we do! We work closely with local artisans to create a culturally accurate experience and curate everything from the food to the incredible itinerary for an unforgettable trip. We'd like to think it's "the trip of a lifetime". 

Incredible group trip to the French countryside: antiquing, wine tasting, historical tours. chateausonoma.com

This year was nothing short of magical. Terry & Nicole packed their bags and headed for Auty, France. I have talked about this region before, but its beauty is worth mentioning again. The country is so rich in architecture, art, and antiques!

Chateau Dumas has become a home away from home for us at Chateau Sonoma. Lizzie, the proprietress of Chateau Dumas, goes above and beyond to make our guests feel as if they are visiting an old friend. The 22 acre estate has been restored into a beautiful grounds for guests to relax between excursions. With cooking classes from Table de Touron, wine tastings, and lovely petite dejeuners - Chateau Dumas is the perfect location for our trip. We are so grateful!

This year, the girls visited Saint-Cirq Lapopie which is known as one of the most beautiful villages in France. The medieval village is located on a cliff 300 feet above the river Lot and is one of the most historically important areas in the Lot Valley. When visiting the area, you can feel the history as you walk the cobblestone streets full of trade shops and darling cafes. While there, the group had the opportunity to visit an archeological cave filled with pre-historic drawings. Terry described the experience as mind blowing. These caves will eventually close, so it was quite a special day trip.

Of course, visiting France wouldn't be complete without wine tasting! True to our wine country roots, the group traveled to Chateau de Mercues, a 13th century chateau restored into a beautiful wine estate hotel. They sampled wines from the region and took in the beauty of the area!

One of the most special aspects of the trip is our dear friend Charlotte, Table de Touron. Although she is a chef by trade, she is also quite the historian. She is so kind to guide tours of the areas and share her stories with all of us Americans. I swear she is a walking history book! Charlotte is generous enough to invite us to her home each year where she prepares a decadent meal of traditional French fare. Her home is absolutely incredible - an old stone farmhouse nestled in the countryside. The food combined with new friendships is one of my favorite moments during our trips to France. It's unforgettable! 

Incredible group trip to the French countryside: antiquing, wine tasting, historical tours. chateausonoma.com

We have yet to lock in a date for next year's trip, but we will be offering one! We hope to have more details within the next month! Subscribe to our newsletter below for updates as space is limited! 

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