Meet the Maker: Treko

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When it comes to the things we bring into our homes, especially the ones we cozy up with, we think quality is of the utmost importance. When we first stumbled upon Treko, we became instant fans their product, and their story.

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Founded in 2016, Treko, which means “yarn of wool” in Chilean Spanish, is a collection of woolen products handmade in Chiloé, a remote island off the coast of Chile. Proprietor Catalina Marin began the company with a desire to create the most unique and high quality woolen pieces and share the incredible work of the artisans who create them. Since the time the Spanish arrived on the island, these textiles became an incredibly important source of the income for the island. Enduring months of harsh winter, the traditions of weaving and knitting have been handed down for generations. Each product is traditionally crafted from 100% natural wool from local sheep, commissioned and handmade by the craftswomen of Chiloé. The sheep, born and raised on the island, have a capacity to adapt to the local weather conditions, making their wool resistant, flexible and durable. See Treko’s site to see exactly how each piece is made, it is truly such an artform!

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From buttery soft blankets to cloud-like throw pillows, Treko pieces make a unique addition to any space. To meet founder Catalina and shop Treko woolen goodness for your home, join us for our Holiday Marketplace on November 24th!


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