Founded in 2002 by Sarah Anderson, Chateau Sonoma is inspired by the beauty and simplicity of the French lifestyle, where the joie de vive is a top priority - Chateau Sonoma is a place where you can indulge in things that inspire, connect and sustain the body and soul.

Sarah’s first buying trip to France took her to the flea markets of Paris and then down to Southern France to discover the motherload of French antiques dealers in L’isle Sur La Sorgue. After scouring the markets and putting together a container of treasures, there was a bit of time left over to do some exploring. It was then that she fell in love with the French way of life, objet d’art, the people…and really, all things French! 

On the long plane ride home, the drawing of the Chateau was outlined and the name “Chateau Sonoma” was coined. What began as a quest for a new way of life—a slice of French living in Wine Country—has evolved into a highly-edited home decor and accessory collection that celebrates the art of purposeful living and decorating.

Designed for women and men, artists and individuals, designers and mothers, chefs and entertainers, gardeners and globally-minded thinkers, we aim to cultivate a place where everyone can celebrate their passions by way of their home, their pantry, and their garden.

Inside our walls, you can expect to find French antiques and vintage pieces with a rich history, carefully sourced from all over the world. You’ll find old pieces, given new life, and found objects that inspire stories and personal connection.

We also carry the work of local Sonoma artisans and jewelers, and cultivated goods and pantry provisions that we’ve developed just for Chateau Sonoma. Whether it’s a one-of-a-kind 19th century painting, a half dozen farm eggs, or our signature bath salts, we take pride in sourcing items that bring more beauty, joy, and optimism to the world.

In addition to our collection, we’re also eager to share the art of a lifestyle that we love. The French way life is one that celebrates things that already exist, the beauty of the past and present, and always invites connection and celebration. Above all, we’re passionate about creating an environment in Sonoma that feels as personal and unique as each of our customers are—bienvenue à la maison!

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Sarah Anderson opened Chateau Sonoma in 2002 and has been the woman behind the business for the past 15 years. She is deeply passionate about empowering women and is proud to say that Chateau Sonoma is run entirely by women!

Chateau Sonoma encompasses everything Sarah is passionate about: travel, objet d’art, communing with friends and family, and most importantly, bringing home to Sonoma a way of life that is not built on capitalism, but enjoying and expressing gratitude for this amazing life we have been given.



hard working



Terry has been a part of the Chateau Sonoma family for 15 years. Terry is an incredible stylist, creating nearly every little vignette throughout the shop, she has a keen eye for interesting décor and unique beauty.

When not at the store, Terry loves to garden and decorate her own home. She has three amazing children, a wonderful husband, and a well loved dog named Willie.





Detail Oriented

Michelle has a magical way of bringing people together. She is never seen without a smile on her face, and is efficient to the max!

Michelle spends countless hours organizing and planning our annual French Flea Market. Michelle knows every nook and cranny of Sonoma and loves to share all of the Valley's best kept secrets with anyone she meets!